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Looks Panel of Doctors & Surgeons

There is a heavy emphasis on teamwork for the surgeons, as it takes a team effort to co-ordinate the procedures for each surgery. LOOKS COSMETIC CLINIC offers the latest techniques in hair restoration and other cosmetic procedure. LOOKS COSMETIC CLINIC offer treatment like hair Transplant, Liposuction, Breast Implant, Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Laser Liposuction other major cosmetic procedures. we have top most plastic surgeon affiliated with us, to fulfill the requirement of individuals looking for respected treatment or procedure in the field of Cosmetic Surgery."

We have top notch Doctors (Surgeon) to provide the best facility for the required procedures. We have a panel of distinguished Cosmetic surgeons, Tricologist, Cosmetic Dental Surgeons and Cosmetologists who have the required experience to help you in decision making as well as provide you the best treatment .The Cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons are affiliated to renowned hospitals of Mumbai and are one of the best in their fields. To make it convenient for and in our endeavor to provide best services, we have tied up with hospitals in different locations of Mumbai. Such a facility will greatly improve our services and make your treatment hassle free. Further, by standardising the protocols we want to maintain high level of patient care.

Team of Doctors & Surgeons

Dr. Rohit Munot (Mumbai)
MBBS, MS(Gen.Surgeon) & M.Ch, DNB(Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Pallavi
Center Manager (Mumbai)
Hair Transplant Specialist

Center Manager (Goa)
Expert in Skin & Trichology

Dr. Bijal V. Parikh
MS.Mch. Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Team of Doctors & Surgeons

Ms. Khyati
Center Manager (Ahemdabad)

Dr. Kunal
Center Head (Pune)

Center Manager (Goa) Expert in Skin & Trichology

Dr. Bijal V. Parikh
MS.Mch. Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon