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Medical Tourism in Goa & Mumbai

It is not surprising thus that MUMBAI is one of the first 10 countries in the world where maximum cosmetic surgeries are done. Mumbai is the hub of cosmetic surgery in India. Indian film industry (BOLLYWOOD) is based in Mumbai and the television industry adds on to it. So we have a long history of cosmetic surgeries at par with any other developed countries. On the other side Goa is the first Destination to all the foreigner Visitor to India,where as you can enjoy your leisure, Sight Seeing & many more. Tourists and travellers are finding one more reason to visit Goa & Mumbai, that is for taking benefit of the world class medical services available now in Goa too. Here are 5 reasons, why you should especially think of Goa, when considering your next surgery or health procedure:

Travellers and Looks Health Services to make Goa their medical destination. We assist you and be with you all the way from the hospital till we bid you goodbye, back to your home. Below is our well researched reasons for you to consider using us as your health guide while availing medical services all over Goa & Mumbai. We are tied up with all the major hospitals and health service providers, so that we can assist you in making the right medical choices.

1. Medical Skills Easily Available in Goa.

Goa & Mumbai is very well prepared to service foreigners when it comes to health care. Most Goan doctors speak perfect English, a majority of them are also educated and trained in international schools. Present day doctors are serving local Goan patients and at the same time they cater to high profile patients from Bollywood in Mumbai and also foreign tourists during their stay in Goa.

2. Quality of Surgery, Staff and Operation Theaters are high.

One is glad to say that hygiene in hospitals all over Goa & Mumbai Mumbai, are upto the mark and matching international standards of hospital hygiene. Operational devices, x-ray machines, dental equipment and other instruments are of high standard, and upgradation is done regularly. Modern facilities are the norm with nurses in spotless white uniforms.

3. Quick Turn Around Time.

Tourists, travellers, NRI's and foriegners visiting Goa & Mumbai for medical treatments are given the first preference if not to say the red carpet treatment. As a foreigner you can enjoy a very individual and prompt reception. Medical Services charged for foreigners are definitely a little bit higher compared to what the locals are charged, but that ensures that you get preferential medical treatment but still at ¼ of the price in Europe & American Countries.

4. Low Medical Costs.

Most over the counter medicines can be bought here with or without prescriptions from the local frienly pharmacy. Goa & Mumbai has thousands of pharmacies at every corner. Medicine in India is a Fixed price product so prices for medicines are fixed as their MRP. Meaning Maximum Retail Price that the pharmacist can sell it to you! So you don’t have to haggle like with everything else in India. Prices are printed on the boxes of medicines and that’s exactly what you pay. Not more, not less.

Facilities & Packages Available

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