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Body to Scalp Transplant(BHT)

There are about one hundred thousand hairs on the normal human head and about 1 million hairs of the body. Person having major loss of class 7 (almost 75000 hair out of 100000 are lost) may not have enough donor hairs at the back and side of the head (only 12500 hairs out of permanent 25000 may be transplanted). Often donor hair may be even less. This situation made some surgeons to look for other Body hairs. Body Hair Transplant (BHT) as a major plus point may become donor hair because they are not genetically DHT susceptible hairs as some of the scalp hairs in MPB (Male Pattern Baldness). But there are many issues with the effective use of BHT as routine. The conventionally used donor hairs from the back and sides of the scalp are very much similar to the hairs to be replaced in MPB but the characters of the BH has many variations such as thickness, length, colour, texture, the growth period etc. As a result for many years BHT was given the back seat. But some studies have shown that BHT hairs may change some of the character if not fully but partially when transplanted to the scalp (recipient "co-dominance" - or partial donor dominance) and this generated more interest and BHT is now being seen more seriously. . BHT is not widely practiced because, it requires special instruments, is very time consuming and the results can be somewhat unpredictable. Results are typically not at par with scalp hair yields many patients consider body hair unnecessary and try to remove it. A body hair transplant serves a dual purpose by moving unwanted body hairs to the scalp, where they are more productive. For common baldness primarily the hair roots from the back side of the head is preferred because of their better quality and predictability but in some situations hairs roots from other part of the body are used which is called BHT.

Advantages of Body Hairs:

Esp. Valuable when scalp donor is exhausted or limited Minimal evidence of scaring due to FUE technique used Large Donor area of Body hair pool May be a better choice for eyebrow reconstruction where one can have better matching hairs then the fast growing thick scalp hair.

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